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can you buy topamax over the counter in australiaMany people will say “I’ve always wanted to do it…” when it comes to learning martial arts. This statement means that they were always interested but put off the time to research and make a commitment to a school. Life’s daily schedules and money issues are often elements influencing this decision. However, many seek martial arts training because they feel they “need” something – direction, association, and discipline.

The Martial Arts industry is heavily influenced by the film industry. Often times the latest action star or action movie will generate a high amount of interest and new students enrolling in martial arts schools. Today, in addition to the films, there are the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events. They are being televised and reported on to the general public much to the same level as the sport of Boxing.

It is important that an individual considering the path of martial arts understand what martial arts really is and why they want to do it. Is it about fighting? Losing weight and getting in shape? Is it a hobby? A sport?

Martial Arts styles are as unique as language itself. Many martial arts originated based on some situation in some culture different places in the world. Even today, people are developing their own styles incorporating different ideas and techniques from the different traditional styles. Although most have a punch and a kick, others may focus on other aspects such as pressure points and joint locks. There is no magic in what a martial art is about, but we must realize that a “style” is often someone else’s personal experience. It is important to recognize how difficult it is to transmit someones experience to people with different body types, ages, and abilities.

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Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a system, not a style. As such it sets the foundation for how to learn and allows the individual to progress through principles and concepts. The system was designed to start your path, but allow you to one day be “free” to express yourself however you want to. Thus, it is a thinking art that gives you examples and these examples are to help you understand how to better yourself by understanding the relationship between you and yourself, you and an opponent, and you and life.

It is through this study that we believe being a member of our school and Kung Fu family will improve your life. We listen to your needs and work to understand your goals by using the Kung Fu training to guide you to that goal. We are part of a strong and well known Kung Fu family with a highly respected Grandmaster, Moy Yat. We offer what is called “Kung Fu Life”, something very unique that you will not find at most other martial arts schools. It is in this manner, that your Kung Fu skill is developed much like being an apprentice to an artistic master.

Kids or adults, many past and present students can attest to seeing proof that their lives have improved by being a member of our Kung Fu family. If you believe in words like commitment, courage, and honor then our school is the place for you.