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In an ever changing world, today’s youth are facing more adult situations and choices than ever before.  While parents are busy with their every day lives, children engage in their own set of circumstances at school and other activities and are faced with difficult decisions.

The goal for our martial arts program is to provide them with LEADERSHIP and EMPOWERMENT capabilities through self confidence. If high standards of character – like responsibility, trust, honesty, and courage – are important to you, then Kung Fu can help. Kung Fu is a way of life, and as such combines learning and overall development, physical and spiritual. As a Kung Fu “family”, the learning process is also cultural. Not only will your child gain the knowledge of the physical methods for being strong, confident, and defending themselves, but the strengths of good character will benefit them in their approach to new challenges.

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Sifu, Mikey made the honor roll at Tamanend Middle School – a first in his life. I think it is a combination of his Kung Fu training (making the students focus), and the fact that Tamanend is a Blue Ribbon School
Mike Ponente, father of students Mikey and Corey Ponente.

KIDS PROGRAM –  ages 5 though 12

Level 1 (White Sash) – Students learn the first formal form of the Ving Tsun System, Siu Nim Tao. While learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu basics, they will also be exposed to various techniques from other martial arts systems.

Level 2 (Green Sash) – Students will continue their physical training and learn the Siu Nim Do form, a modified form exclusive to the Moy Yat family.

Level 3 (Red Sash) – Students will continue their physical training and learn a modified version of the Muk Jong (Wooden Man Dummy) form.

Level 4 (Black Sash) – Students will continue their physical training and learn the basics of the Escrima Sticks. Although not the weapons of the Ving Tsun system, this weapon incorporates ideas that can be integrated into the understanding of Ving Tsun Kung Fu weapons. The student will safely practice the basic movements of the Escrima (Filipino) sticks. Upon completion of Level Four, the youth student would be properly prepared for advancement into the Chum Kiu module of the Young Adult program.

All students must wear a school shirt and approved pants. Traditional Kung Fu uniforms are allowed. No jeans. Students must wear approved footwear that will not mark up the school floor. Chinese Kung Fu slippers are acceptable.

Formal Black and White Kung Fu Uniform (req’d for all Youth) – $40

Kids Program T-shirt – $25

Sparring Gear – $140

What separates us from a typical, commercial martial arts school?

First, is that your child will learn Kung Fu. Emphasis is NOT on hitting and breaking things or being a “destructive machine” to be a success. It incorporates a foundation of martial arts values and an understanding of the simple, yet effective, movements and principles. This helps your child to conduct themselves in a manner to avoid conflict, as well as giving them the tools to protect themselves when there is no alternative.

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Tuition Costs 
$80.00 per month

Each student pays a one-time registration fee of $100.00. Multiple family member discounts are available. The initial sign up fee is by check or cash only. All monthly tuition after signup will be handled by credit card, electronic bank withdrawal, or coupon books.

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